Monday, August 13, 2018

(Passport photo 45x35mm) and Full length Photo (150x100mm)
For Male and Female Candidates
  • Photographs are clearly focused and taken against a light blue background
  • Ladies - short sleeve white top but no jacket
  • Men - Suit and tie
  • Display of teeth but not too wide
  • Must not wear glasses

  • Hair must be tidy and ears must be visible
  • Arms and feet relaxed and straight
  • No shadows
  • Facial features must not be retouched
  • Leave 2cm top and bottom. 


Before the Qatar Recruitment Event

We assist you with CV review, CV writing and your personal statement. We advise on CV format, and bring out your transferable skills.  Finally, we review your application pictures, full length and passport photos to ensure they meet the requirements.
We also provide you with a mock video interview with lots of useful tips and interview questions based on your own CV.  Your experience is unique and relevant, so we coach you to be original with your answers and to bring out the very best of your transferable skills.  

Send your CV and photos to us for editing before your recruitment event.  It really does increase your chances of getting selected.  Don't forget that many of our clients who used our services secure first attempt pass with the airline.

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